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About Us

Bella Moon Barn is a rustic, industrial style venue. An event venue that is tucked away on a corner spot surrounded by lush nature. At first glance, you will be greeted by our 150 year old oak tree that will take your breath away. Naturally creating our venue's atmosphere quaint, humble and romantic setting.

Who is Bella?

Names are important to us as it signifies the true meaning of something or someone. In our case- our barn! Bella protected the property where we built the barn hence the beginning of Bella Moon Barn. She is a part of our family, and to everyone's surprise, she is OUR donkey! Bella is super shy, but once she warms up to you, she loves you. She loves honey, crisp apples, carrots and to be petted on the forehead. Bella is our beloved noble steed and mascot.


Our Space

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Bella Moon's Oak Tree

Perfect for Ceremony or Cocktail Hour

Oak Tree

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